Sun, Chyng Feng

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SUN, Chyng Feng

SUN, Chyng Feng. Taiwanese, b. 1959. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Writer. Min-sheng Daily Newspaper, Taipei, Taiwan, reporter, 1984-89; Family, Friends and Community, Boston, MA, associate director. Linking Publishing Co., part-time editor, 1984-89. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: Two Together, 1991; Square Beak, 1993; On a White Pebble Hill, 1994; Mama Bear, 1994; Cat and Cat-face, 1996. Contributor to childrens magazines. UNTRANSLATED WORKS: Bao-Bao in America, 1986; The Magic Jar, 1988; The Diary of an E.T., 1988; Leaves-birds, 1988; Cooking Something Up: How to Teach Children Creative Writing, 1988; Little Red, 1989; The Heart of the Glass Fish, 1998; The Magic Egg, 1995. OTHER: Story, Story (video), 1991; (with M. Picker) Don Gato (children's ballet; video for WGBH), 1996. Translator into Chinese of books by L. Lionni, W. Steig, and D. Macaulay. Address: 15 Paul Gore St., Apt. 2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, U.S.A.