Sugar Sweet

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Sugar Sweet ★★½ 2002

Amusing, if slight, Japanese lesbian romantic comedy. Struggling filmmaker Naomi is trying to pay the bills by shooting lesbian porn but the producers protest that she's being too “arty.” Frazzled, Naomi confides her troubles to an online friend named Sugar. Then, Naomi gets the chance to direct a girl-meets-girl match-making TV show and casts her pal Azusa and an exotic dancer named Miki to play the romantic couple. Azusa is willing but Miki turns out to be more interest in romancing Naomi. Japanese with subtitles. 67m/C VHS, DVD . JP Saori Kitagawa, Saki, C Snatch Z; D: Desiree Lim; W: Desiree Lim, Carole Hisasue; C: Natsuyo Nakamura; M: Masan Tahara, Katsuharu Imano.