Stray Bullet

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Stray Bullet ★ 1998 (R)

Attorney John Burnside (Carradine) mistakenly picks up the luggage of fellow traveler Stella Crosby (Staab), who invites him to her home for a party. But John gets kidnapped from the party by some thugs who are owed money by Stella's husband, who they have mistaken John for. Instead of setting things straight, Stella persuades John to pose as her husband until she can works things out. John agrees because he has the hots for Stella. John's very dumb. 86m/C VHS . Robert Carradine, Rebecca Staab, Fred (John F.) Dryer, Ian Beattie; D: Robert Spera; W: Christopher Wood; C: Jules Labarthe; M: Arthur Kempel. VIDEO