The Stranger 1992

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The Stranger ★★½ 1992

Quiet comedy about family loyalties and devalued traditions. The upper-middle-class life of Sudhindra Bose is disturbed by the arrival of his wife Anila's long-lost uncle Manomohan. Although their young son is excited by the visit of this mysterious relative, Anila is bewildered and her husband suspicious—he thinks the man may be an imposter after their money. The independent Manomohan realizes the family's discomfort and slowly turns the tables on all their questions. Ray's last film. In Bengali with English subtitles. 100m/C VHS . IN Deepankar De, Mamata Shankar, Bikram Bhattacharya, Utpal Dutt, Dhritiman Chatterji, Rabi Ghosh, Subrata Chatterji; D: Satyajit Ray; W: Satyajit Ray.

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The Stranger 1992

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