The Strange One

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The Strange One ★★ ½ 1957

Appropriate title for this dank drama based on Willingham's novel and play “End As a Man.” Jacko De Paris (Gazzara) is the student leader at a Southern military school, who uses his power to intimidate and brutalize fellow cadets, aided by minions Knoble (Hingle) and Gatt (Olson). Finally a group of younger students, led by Marquales (Peppard, in his film debut) go after the tyrant. Also filmed as 1957's “Sorority Girl.” 100m/B VHS . Ben Gazzara, Pat Hingle, James Olson, George Peppard, Peter Mark Richman, Larry Gates, Clifton James, Arthur Storch; D: Jack Garfein; W: Calder Willingham; C: Burnett Guffey; M: Kenyon Hopkins.

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The Strange One

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