The Story of Xinghua

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The Story of Xinghua ★★ 1993

Obedient wife Xinghua (Wenli) endures the cruelty of her greedy husband (Guoli) in a northern Chinese village, built within the shadow of the Great Wall. Working in the fields alongside handsome farmer Tulin (Shaojun), Xinghua is drawn to his gentleness and the two become lovers. When her husband hears that gold may be buried beneath one of the wall's watchtowers, he persuades his fellow villagers to help him dig beneath the stones—a decision that leads to tragedy. Mandarin with subtitles. 89m/C VHS . CH Jiang Wehli, Zhang Guoli, Tian Shaoujun; D: Yin Li.

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The Story of Xinghua

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