Stover, Leon (Eugene)

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STOVER, Leon (Eugene)

STOVER, Leon (Eugene). American, b. 1929. Genres: Science fiction/ Fantasy, Anthropology/Ethnology, Area studies, History, Literary criticism and history. Career: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Associate Professor of Anthropology, 1965-74, professor, 1974-94, emeritus, 1995-. Instructor, American Museum of Natural History, NYC, 1955-57; Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Hobart College and William Smith College, Geneva, NY, 1957-63; Visiting Professor, Tokyo University, 1963-65; occasional script writer, Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Chicago; Science Ed., Amazing and Fantastic mags., 1968-69; appointed authorized biographer of Robert A. Heinlein, 1988. Publications: (with H. Harrison) Stonehenge (SF novel), 1972, rev. as Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died, 1983; La Science- Fiction Americaine: Essai d'Anthropologie Culturelle, 1972; The Cultural Ecology of Chinese Civilization, 1973; (with T.K. Stover) China: An Anthropological Perspective, 1975; (with B. Kraig) Stonehenge: The Indo- European Heritage (in UK as Stonehenge and the Origins of Western Culture), 1978; The Shaving of Karl Marx, 1982; The Prophetic Soul: A Reading of H.G. Wells's "Things to Come," 1987; Robert A. Heinlein, 1987; Harry Harrison, 1990; The Annotated H.G. Wells: vol. 1, The Time Machine, 1995, vol. 2, The Island of Doctor Moreau, 1995, vol. 3, The Invisible Man, 1998, vol. 4, The First Men in the Moon, 1998, vol. 5, When the Sleeper Wakes, 1999, vol. 6, The War of the Worlds, 2001, vol. 7, The Sea Lady, 2001, vol. 8, Man Who Could Work Miracles, 2002; Science Fiction from Wells to Heinlein, 2002. EDITOR: (with H. Harrison) Apeman, Spaceman: Anthropological Science Fiction, 1968; (with W.E. McNelly) Above the Human Landscape: Anthology of Social Science Fiction, 1972.