The Story of Qiu Ju

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The Story of Qiu Ju ★★★ Qiu Ju Da Guansi 1991 (PG)

A simple story, beautifully directed and acted, about a peasant woman's search for justice. The pregnant Qiu Ju's husband is assaulted and injured by the head of their village. Outraged, Qui Ju slowly climbs the Chinese administrative ladder from official to higher official as she insistently seeks redress. Presents a close observance of daily life and customs with a strong female lead. Adapted from the novel “The Wan Family's Lawsuit” by Chen Yuan Bin. In Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles. 100m/C VHS, DVD . CH Gong Li, Lei Lao Sheng, Liu Pei Qu, Ge Zhi Jun, Ye Jun, Yang Liu Xia, Zhu Qanging, Cui Luowen, Yank Huiquin, Wang Jianfa, Lin Zi; D: Yimou Zhang; W: Liu Heng; C: Chi Xiaonin, Yu Xaioqun; M: Jiping Zhao. Natl. Soc. Film Critics '93: Foreign Film; Venice Film Fest. '92: Actress (Li), Film.

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