Steiner, George A.

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STEINER, George A.

STEINER, George A. American, b. 1912. Genres: Administration/ Management, Business/Trade/Industry, Public/Social administration, Economics, Ethics, Politics/Government. Career: Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Mgmt., University of California, Los Angeles (Director, Division of Research, 1956-71; former Harry and Elsa Kunin Professor of Business and Society, and Professor of Mgmt. and Public Policy, from 1956). Assistant in Economics, 1934-37 and Professor of Economics, 1947-56, University of Illinois, Urbana; Instructor and Assistant Professor of Finance, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1937-42; Assistant Director, Bureau of Business Research, and Ed., Indiana Business Review, both 1937-39; Director, Reports and Analysis, Controller Division, War Production Board, 1942- 43; Director, Requirements Committee Staff, and later Director of Policy, Defense Production Administration, and Director of Policy, Office of Defense Mobilization, Executive Office of the President, all 1951-53; Sr. Economic Adviser, Development Planning, Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Burbank, CA, 1954-56. Director, Center for Research and Dialogue on Business in Society, 1971-80; President, National Academy of Mgmt., 1972. Publications: The Tax System and Industrial Development, 1938; (with G.W. Starr) Retail Trade Turnover, 1940; (ed. and contrib.) Economics of National Defense, 1941; (ed. and contrib.) Economic Problems of War, 1942; (with D. Novick) Wartime Industrial Statistics, 1950; Government's Role in Economic Life, 1953; National Defense and Southern California 1961-1970, 1961; (ed. and contrib.) Managerial Long-Range Planning, 1963; (with W. Cannon) Multinational Corporate Planning, 1966; (with W.G. Ryan) Industrial Project Management, 1968; Strategic Factors in Business Success, 1969; Top Management Planning, 1969; Business and Society, 1971, 1974; (with J.F. Steiner) Business, Government, and Society, 1971, 9th ed., 2000; Instructor's Manual for Business and Society, 1971, 1974; Issues in Business and Society, 1972, 1977; Comprehensive Managerial Planning, 1972; Pitfalls in Comprehensive Corporate Planning, 1972; Cases in Business and Society, 1973; Business and Society: Cases and Questions, 1974; (with J. Corson) Measuring Business's Social Performance: The Corporate Social Audit, 1974; (with J. B. Miner) Management Policy and Strategy, 1977, 3rd ed., 1986; Strategic Managerial Planning, 1977; Strategic Planning: What Every Manager Must Know, 1979; The New CED, 1983. Address: 13943 Cumpston St, Van Nuys, CA 91401, U.S.A.