Steamboat Round the Bend

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Steamboat Round the Bend ★★ ½ 1935

Snake oil salesman Dr. John Pearly (Rogers) is traveling to meet his nephew Duke (McGuire) so they can go into the riverboat business together. But Duke has been falsely convicted of murder and will hang unless Pearly and Duke's girlfriend Fleety Belle (Shirley) can find the only witness to the crime. A big steamboat race is part of the plot. The last film that Rogers shot, although “In Old Kentucky” was released after. 81m/B DVD . Will Rogers, Anne Shirley, John McGuire, Eugene Pallette, Berton Churchill, Stepin Fetchit, Francis Ford, Irvin S. Cobb, Roger Imhof, Hobart Bosworth, Raymond Hatton; D: John Ford; W: Lamar Trotti, Dudley Nicholas; C: George Schneiderman; M: Samuel Kaylin.