Stealing Harvard

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Stealing Harvard ★ 2002 (PG-13)

Prince of low-brow Green adds another tarnished jewel to his crown with this tired, inane crime caper comedy. As Duff, Green is teamed with Jason Lee as John, who needs to raise $30,000 to finance the Harvard education he promised his neice. That should take care of her first semester. His fiancee (Mann), also wants John to bankroll their future together, and won't marry him until he has the exact amount in the bank. What follows are the disastrous duo's clumsy attempts to steal the money. Largely unfunny, with small chunks of mild humor. 83m/C VHS, DVD . US Tom Green, Jason Lee, Leslie Mann, Megan Mullally, Dennis Farina, Richard Jenkins, John C. McGinley, Christopher Penn, Tammy Blanchard, Seymour Cassel, Bruce McCulloch; D: Bruce McCulloch; W: Peter Tolan; C: Ueli Steiger; M: Christophe Beck.