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Stand-Ins ★★ ½ 1997

Would-be actresses in pre-WWII Hollywood find themselves looking for fame and unwillingly settling for stand-in status. The girls all hang out at Jack's (Mandylor) bar, where Greta Garbo-double, druggie Shirley (Zuniga), battles with cynical Bette Davis stand-in, Monica (Ladd), as they celebrate the birthday of Jean Harlowish Martha Anne (Davis), along with Mae West clone Peggy (Chatton) and Marlene Dietrich stand-in Rhonda (Crider). This desperate gang are bitchy and frustrated and, of course, theatrical. Based on Kelleher's one-act play. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Daphne Zuniga, Jordan Ladd, Sammi Davis, Missy (Melissa) Crider, Charlotte Chatton, Costas Mandylor, Katherine Heigl; D: Harvey Keith; W: Harvey Keith, Ed Kelleher; C: Andrzej Sekula; M: Bill Elliott.