Stand Up and Cheer

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Stand Up and Cheer ★★ ½ 1934 (PG)

The new federal Secretary of Entertainment organizes a huge show to raise the country's depressed spirits. Near-invisible plot, fantastic premise are an excuse for lots of imagery, dancing, and comedy, including four-year-old Temple singing “Baby Take a Bow.” Also available colorized. D I'm Laughing; We're Out of the Red; Broadway's Gone Hillbilly; Baby Take a Bow; This Is Our Last Night Together; She's Way Up Thar; Stand Up and Cheer. 80m/B VHS . Shirley Temple, Warner Baxter, Madge Evans, Nigel Bruce, Stepin Fetchit, Frank Melton, Lila Lee, James Dunn, John Boles, Scotty Beckett; D: Hamilton MacFadden; W: Will Rogers, Ralph Spence; C: Ernest Palmer.