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STABLEFORD, Brian M(ichael)

STABLEFORD, Brian M(ichael). Also writes as Brian Craig, Francis Amery. British, b. 1948. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy, Young adult fiction, Literary criticism and history, Translations. Career: University of Reading, lecturer in sociology, 1977-88. Publications: Cradle of the Sun, 1969; The Blind Worm, 1970; The Days of Glory, 1971; In the Kingdom of the Beasts, 1971; Day of Wrath, 1971; To Challenge Chaos, 1972; The Halcyon Drift, 1972; Rhapsody in Black, 1973; Promised Land, 1974; The Paradise Game, 1974; The Fenris Device, 1974; Swan Song, 1975; The Face of Heaven, 1976; Man in a Cage, 1976; The Florians, 1976; The Mind Riders, 1976; Mysteries of Modern Science, 1977; Critical Threshold, 1977; The Realms of Tartarus, 1977; Wildeblood's Empire, 1977; The City of the Sun, 1978; The Last Days of the Edge of the World (juvenile), 1978; Balance of Power, 1979; The Walking Shadow, 1979; The Paradox of the Sets, 1979; Optiman, 1980, in U.K. as War Games, 1981; The Castaways of Tanagar, 1981; Journey to the Center, 1982, rev. ed., 1989; The Gates of Eden, 1983; Future Man, 1984; (with D. Langford) The Third Millennium, 1985; Scientific Romance in Britain, 1985; The Sociology of Science Fiction, 1987; The Empire of Fear, 1988; The Way to Write Science Fiction, 1989; Invaders from the Centre, 1990; The Centre Cannot Hold, 1990; The Were- wolves of London, 1990; Sexual Chemistry, 1991; The Angel of Pain, 1991; Young Blood, 1992; The Carnival of Destruction, 1994; Serpent's Blood, 1995; Salamander's Fire, 1996; Chimera's Cradle, 1997; Inherit the Earth, 1998; Yesterday's Bestsellers, 1998; Glorious Perversity, 1998; Architects of Emortality, 1999; The Fountains of Youth, 2000; Year Zero, 2000; The Cassandra Complex, 2001. EDITOR: The Dedalus Book of Decadence (Moral Ruins), 1990; Tales of the Wandering Jew, 1991; The Dedalus Book of British Fantasy, 1991; The Dedalus Book of Femmes Fatales, 1992; The Second Dedalus Book of Decadence (Black Feast) 1992. TRANSLATOR: P. Feral, Vampire City, 1999; P. Feral, Knightshade, 2001. AS BRIAN CRAIG: Zaragoz, 1989; Plague Daemon, 1990; Storm Warriors, 1991; Ghost Dancers, 1991. TRANSLATOR, AS FRANCIS AMERY: The Angels of Perversity, 1992; Monsieur de Phocas, 1994. Address: 113 St Peter's Rd, Reading, Berks. RG6 1PG, England. Online address: [email protected]

Stableford, Brian M(ichael)

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