Sprinkle, Patricia Houck

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SPRINKLE, Patricia Houck

SPRINKLE, Patricia Houck. American, b. 1943. Genres: Novels, Mystery/ Crime/Suspense, How-to books, Human relations/Parenting, Self help, Theology/Religion, Women's studies and issues. Career: Free-lance writer. Publications: MYSTERY NOVELS: Murder at Markham, 1988; Murder in the Charleston Manner, 1990; Murder on Peachtree Street, 1991; Somebody's Dead in Snellville, 1992; Death of a Dunwoody Matron, 1993; A Mystery Bred in Buckhead, 1994; Deadly Secrets on the St. Johns, 1995; When Did We Lose Harriet?, 1997; But Why Shoot the Magistrate?, 1998; The Remember Box, 2000; Carley's Soup, 2001; Who Invited the Dead Man?, 2002; Who Left That Body in the Room?, 2002; Who Let That Killer in the House?, 2003; When Will the Dead Lady Sing?, 2004. OTHER: The Church and Young Women: A Case of Mutual Neglect, 1968; The Birthday Book, 1972; Hunger: Understanding the Crisis through Games, Drama and Song, 1980; In God's Image: Meditations for the New Mother, 1988; Women Who Do Too Much, 1991, rev. ed., 2002; Do I Have To? What to Do about Children Who Do Too Little around the House, 1992; A Gift from God, 1995; Women Home Alone, 1996. Address: 4510 Derby Ln SE, Smyrna, GA 30339, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]