Sous Sol

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Sous Sol ★★ Not Me 1996

In 1967 Montreal, overly sensitive 11-year-old Rene (Moffatt) spies on his parents while they make love and the next morning learns his father has died. Rene becomes certain that sex leads to death, which puts a crimp in his budding sexuality. As a matter of fact he literally refuses to grow up, remaining in his pre-adolescent state for several years while Mom Reine (Portal) eventually hooks up with a new boyfriend Roch (Godin), who moves in. This causes a few more problems for Rene. French with subtitles. 90m/C VHS . CA Louise Portal, Richard Moffatt, Isabelle Pasco, Patrice Godin; D: Pierre Gang; W: Pierre Gang; C: Pierre Mignot; M: Anne Bourne, Ken Myhr. Genie '96: Orig. Screenplay.