The Sorrows of Satan

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The Sorrows of Satan ★★★ 1926

Dempster and Cortez star as writers in love with each other, but Cortez can't take his poverty and the rejection of publishers. As he is about to end it all, the devil appears to him in disguise and makes an offer he can hardly refuse. He is introduced to London society and winds up marrying a fortune hunter. When he discovers this he goes back to Dempster, who still loves him, and vows to give up everything for her. Menjou then reveals himself to be the devil but Dempster's faith is so strong that the evil is vanquished. 111m/B VHS . Adolphe Menjou, Carol Dempster, Ricardo Cortez, Lya de Putti; D: D.W. Griffith.

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The Sorrows of Satan

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