The Sound and the Silence

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The Sound and the Silence ★★ ½ 1993

Bio of inventor Alexander Graham Bell (Bach). The Scottish Bell's father was a speech specialist and his beloved mother Eliza (Fricker) was severely hearing impaired. Bell himself trained to work with the deaf in Boston and experimented with transmitting speech electronically—a project which only grew when Bell married the deaf Mable Hubbard (Quinn). Bell's lifelong devotion lead to his development of the telephone as well as numerous other inventions (and his founding of “National Geographic” magazine). Bell was hardly a lively character but this TV drama is lavishly done. In two parts. 93m/C VHS . John Bach, Elizabeth Quinn, Brenda Fricker, Ian Bannen; D: John Kent Harrison; W: Tony Foster, William Schmidt, John Kent Harrison; M: John Charles. TV

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The Sound and the Silence

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