Solid Gold Cadillac

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Solid Gold Cadillac ★★★ 1956

Holliday is a winning lead as Laura Patridge, an idealistic, small-time stockholder who discovers that the corporate board of directors are crooked. She makes waves at a stockholders meeting, gets noticed by the press, finds romance with former CEO Edward McKeever (Douglas), and works to oust the scalawags from power. The title comes from Laura's fervent desire to own a—you guessed it—solid gold cadillac. Based on the Broadway play by George S. Kaufman and Howard Teichmann. 99m/B VHS, DVD . Judy Holliday, Paul Douglas, Fred Clark, Neva Patterson, Arthur O'Connell, Ray Collins; D: Richard Quine; W: Abe Burrows; C: Charles B(ryant) Lang Jr.; M: Cyril Mockridge; Nar: George Burns. Oscars '56: Costume Des. (B&W).