Sol Goode

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Sol Goode ★★ ½ 2001 (R)

Sol Goode (Getty) is a familiar character—a 20something wannabe actor who uses his looks and charm to bed the babes. But his best pal Chloe (Towne) knows there's a decent guy lurking somewhere underneath the hipster facade. When a series of minor misfortunes find Sol examining his life, he realizes that Chloe is the woman of his dreams—now he just has to convince her that he's sincere. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Balthazar Getty, Katharine Towne, Jamie Kennedy, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Tori Spelling, Cheri Oteri, Robert Wagner, Danny Comden, Carmen Electra, Johnathon Schaech, Christina Pickles, Max Perlich, Jason Bateman, China Chow; D: Danny Comden; W: Danny Comden; C: Chris Walling.