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S.O.B. ★★ ½ 1981 (R)

Blake Edwards' bitter farce about Hollywood and the film industry wheelers and dealers who inhabit it. When a multi-million dollar picture bombs at the boxoffice, the director turns suicidal, until he envisions reshooting it with a steamy, “X”-rated scene starring his wife, a star with a goody-twoshoes image. Edwards used his real-life wife, Julie (“Mary Poppins”) Andrews, for the scene in which she bared her breasts. Oft-inspired, but oft-terrible. Zestfully uvengeful. William Holden's last film. 121m/C VHS, DVD . William Holden, Robert Preston, Richard Mulligan, Julie Andrews, Robert Webber, Shelley Winters, Robert Vaughn, Larry Hagman, Stuart Margolin, Loretta Swit, Craig Stevens, Larry Storch, Jennifer Edwards, Robert Loggia, Rosanna Arquette, Marisa Berenson; D: Blake Edwards; W: Blake Edwards; C: Harry Stradling Jr.; M: Henry Mancini. Natl. Soc. Film Critics '81: Support. Actor (Preston).