Smiling Fish & Goat on Fire

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Smiling Fish & Goat on Fire ★★ ½ 1999 (R)

Title refers to the childhood nicknames that Chris Remi (Derick Martini) and his brother Tony (Steven Martini) were given by their Native American/Italian grandma. Accountant Chris and aspiring actor Tony share a house in L.A. and have trouble with women. Their current relationships are falling apart, but new ones are looming, and the confused bros get some sage advice from their elderly friend, Clive (Henderson). Low-budget, wry slice-of-life. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Steven Martini, Derick Martini, Bill Henderson, Christa Miller, Amy Hathaway, Rosemarie Addeo, Heather Jae Marie, Nicole Rae, Wesley Thompson; D: Kevin Jordan; W: Kevin Jordan, Steven Martini, Derick Martini; C: Fred Iannone; M: Chris Horvath.