Skutch, Alexander F.

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SKUTCH, Alexander F.

SKUTCH, Alexander F. Costa Rican (born United States), b. 1904. Genres: Natural history, Philosophy, Novellas/Short stories. Career: University de Costa Rica, professor of ornithology, 1964, 1979. Publications: Life Histories of Central American Birds, 3 vols., 1954-69; The Quest of the Divine, 1956; Life Histories of Central American Highland Birds, 1967; The Golden Core of Religion, 1970; A Naturalist in Cost Rica, 1971; Studies of Tropical American Birds, 1972, and New Studies, 1981; The Life of the Hummingbird, 1973; Parent Birds and Their Young, 1976; A Bird Watcher's Adventures in Tropical America, 1977; Aves de Costa Rica, 1977; The Imperative Call, 1979; A Naturalist on a Tropical Farm, 1980; Birds of Tropical America, 1983; Nature through Tropical Windows, 1983; Life Ascending, 1985; The Life of the Woodpecker, 1985; Helpers at Birds' Nests, 1987; A Naturalist amid Tropical Splendor, 1987; Life of the Tanager, 1989; Birds Asleep, 1989; (with F.G. Stiles) A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica, 1989; Life of the Pigeon, 1991; Origins of Nature's Beauty, 1992; The Minds of Birds, 1996; Orioles, Blackbirds, and Their Kin, 1996; Antbirds and Ovenbirds, 1996; Life of the Flycatcher, 1997; Tales of a Naturalist, 1997; Merenda: A Romance of the Tropical Forest, 1997; Trogons, Laughing Falcons, and Other Neotropical Birds, 1999; Harmony and Conflict in the Living World, 2000. Address: Quizarra, Apdo 939, San Isidro de el General 8000, Costa Rica.