Silver Hawk

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Silver Hawk ★★ Fei Ying 2004 (PG-13)

Campy kung fu superhero adventure stars Yeoh as socialite Lulu Wong, who masquerades as silver latex-wearing crimebuster Silver Hawk. Her latest rescue mission is a scientist (Chen), working on an artificial intelligence project, who has been kidnapped by her arch-enemy Wolfe (Goss). Yeoh can kick butt, which may be the best reason to see this flick. English and Cantonese with subtitles. 100m/C DVD . Michelle Yeoh, Luke Goss, Daoming Chen, Michael Jai White, Richie Ren, Bingbing Li, Brandon Chang; D: Jingle Ma; W: Jingle Ma, Susan Chan; C: Chi Ying Chan.