Silver City Bonanza

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Silver City Bonanza ★★ ½ 1951

Lots of action in this outrageous oater that includes a haunted ranch and an undersea battle as plot devices. Singing cowboy Allen and sidekick Ebsen use a seeing-eye dog to track down the killer of a blind man. Since Roy Rogers and Republic parted company the year of this film's release, singing star Allen was groomed to become the new “King of the Cowboys.” However, by this time, the singing-cowboy craze was almost old hat. 67m/B VHS . Rex Allen, Buddy Ebsen, Mary Ellen Kay, Billy Kimbley, Alix Ebsen, Bill Kennedy, Gregg Barton, Clem Bevans; D: George Blair; W: Bob Williams; C: John MacBurnie; M: Stanley Wilson.