Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

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SHARMAT, Marjorie Weinman

SHARMAT, Marjorie Weinman. Also writes as Wendy Andrews. American, b. 1928. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/ Suspense, Children's fiction. Publications: Rex, 1967; Goodnight Andrew, Goodnight Craig, 1969; Gladys Told Me to Meet Her Here, 1970; Hot Thirsty Day, 1971; 51 Sycamore Lane, 1971; Getting Something on Maggie Marmel- stein, 1971; A Visit with Rosalind, 1972; Nate the Great series (3 with C. Sharmat, 1 with R. Weinman, 3 with M. Sharmat), 24 vols, 1972-2003; Sophie and Gussie, 1973; Morris Brookside, A Dog, 1973; Morris Brookside Is Missing, 1974; I Want Mama, 1974; I'm Not Oscar's Friend Anymore, 1975; Walter the Wolf, 1975; Maggie Marmelstein for President, 1975; Burton and Dudley, 1975; The Lancelot Closes at Five, 1976; The Trip and Other Sophie and Gussie Stories, 1976; Mooch the Messy, 1976; Edgemont, 1977; I'm Terrific, 1977; I Don't Care, 1977; (with others) Just for Fun, 1977; A Big Fat Enormous Lie, 1978; Thornton the Worrier, 1978; Mitchell Is Moving, 1978; Mooch the Messy Meets Prudence the Neat, 1979; Scarlet Monster Lives Here, 1979; Mr. Jameson and Mr. Philips, 1979; Uncle Boris and Maude, 1979; The 329th Friend, 1979; (with M. Sharmat) I Am Not a Pest, 1979; Octavia Told Me a Secret, 1979; Say Hello, Vanessa, 1979; Griselda's New Year, 1979; Little Devil Gets Sick, 1980; The Trolls of 12th Street, 1979; What Are We Going to Do about Andrew?, 1980; Sometimes Mama and Papa Fight, 1980; Taking Care of Melvin, 1980; Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport, 1980; Grumley the Grouch, 1980; (with M. Sharmat) The Day I Was Born, 1980; Twitchell the Wishful, 1981; Chasing after Annie, 1981; Rollo and Juliet, Forever! 1981; The Sign, 1981; Lucretia the Unbearable, 1981; The Best Valentine in the World!, 1982; Two Ghosts on a Bench, 1982; Mysteriously Yours, Maggie Marmelstein, 1982; Square Pegs (adaptation of CBS-TV sit-com), 1982; Frizzy the Fearful, 1983; I Saw Him First, 1983; How to Meet a Gorgeous Guy, 1983; Rich Mitch, 1983; The Story of Bently Beaver, 1984; (with others) Sixteen, 1984; Bartholomew the Bossy, 1984; How to Meet a Gorgeous Girl, 1984; Sasha the Silly, 1984; He Noticed I'm Alive and Other Hopeful Signs, 1984; My Mother Never Listens to Me, 1984; Two Guys Noticed Me and Other Miracles, 1985; Attila the Angry, 1985; How to Have a Gorgeous Wedding, 1985; Get Rich Mitch!, 1985; The Son of the Slime Who Ate Cleveland, 1985; One Terrific Thanksgiving, 1985; Helga High-Up, 1986; Hooray for Mother's Day!, 1986; Who's Afraid of Ernestine?, 1986; Marjorie Sharmat's Sorority Sisters, 8 vols, 1986-87; Hooray for Father's Day!, 1987; (with others) Visions, 1987; Go to Sleep, Nicholas Joe, 1987; (with M. Sharmat) Surprises, Treasures, Kingdoms, 3 vols, 1989; (with M. Sharmat) Olivia Sharp, Agent for Secrets, 4 vols, 1989-91; (with A. Sharmat) The Kids on the Bus, 6 vols, 1990-91; I'm Santa Claus and I'm Famous, 1990; I'm the Best!, 1991; (with others) Funny You Should Ask, 1992; Genghis Khan series, 4 vols, 1993-95; The Perfects, 1995; Tiffany Dino Works Out, 1995; Richie and the Fritzes, 1997. AS WENDY ANDREWS: Vacation Fever!, 1984; Supergirl (novelization of screenplay), 1984; Are We There Yet?, 1985.