Shake, Rattle & Rock!

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Shake, Rattle & Rock! ★★½ 1994 (PG-13)

Remake of the 1957 flick. Teenager Susan (Zellweger) scandalizes her uptight mom (Dunn) and the other conservative adults in town because of her love of that evil rock 'n' rock music—and bad boy Lucky (Doe). Made as part of Showtime's “Rebel Highway” series. 83m/ C VHS, DVD . Renee Zellweger, John Doe, Nora Dunn, Howie Mandel, Patricia Childress, Mary Woronov, Max Perlich, Dick Miller, William Schallert, Paul Anka; D: Allan Arkush; W: Trish Soodik; C: Jean De Segonzac; M: Joseph (Joey) Altruda. CABLE