Shah, Sayed Tahir

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SHAH, Sayed Tahir

SHAH, Sayed Tahir. British, b. 1966. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology, Travel/Exploration. Career: Author, explorer, television presenter. Publications: (ed.) Middle East Bedside Book, 1991; (ed.) Cultural Research, 1993; Spectrum Jordan, 1994; Journey through Namibia, 1994; Beyond the Devil's Teeth, 1995; Sorcerer's Apprentice, 1998; Trail of Feathers, 2001; In Search of King Solomon's Mines, 2002. MONOGRAPHS: Secret Societies of Sierra Leone; Ainu: Ancient People of Japan; Macumba: Developing Faith of Brazil; Moriscoes and the Demise of the Moorish Empire in Spain; Kafiristan: Land of Light; The Gonds of Central India; Private International Law: Law in Search of Law. TEVISION SCRIPTS: The Search for the Lost City of Gold; The Search for King Solomon's Mines. Contributor to international periodicals and journals. Address: Suite 145, 1 Prescot St., London E1 8RL, England. Online address: [email protected];