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Shadrach ★★½ 1998 (PG-13)

The Dabneys rundown Depression Era southern farm was once a rich tobacco plantation and, as they learn, the former home to aged black man Shadrach (Sawyer) who returns in order to die on the land where he grew up. Flawed family patriarch Vernon (Keitel) gives his word to the exslave that he can be buried on the land, but learns otherwise from the local sheriff. Still, Vernon tries to fulfill his promise. Director Susanna Styron's lethargic adaptation of her father William's 1978 short story proves that the story should have stayed shorter than 90 minutes. Although the relatively small budget shows, the cast provides good performances. 88m/C VHS, DVD . Edward (Eddie) Bunker, Harvey Keitel, John Franklin Sawyer, Andie MacDowell, Scott Terra, Monica Bugajski, Darrell Larson, Deborah Hedwall, Daniel Treat; D: Susanna Styron; W: Susanna Styron, Bridget Terry; C: Hiro Narita; M: Van Dyke Parks.

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