Shadows 1960

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Shadows ★★★ 1960

Director Cassavettes' first indie feature finds jazz player Hugh (Hurd) forced to play dives to support his brother Ben (Carruthers) and sis ter Lelia (Goldoni). Lightskinned enough to pass for white, Lelia takes on the uptown New York art crowd and gets involved with the white Tony (Ray), who leaves when he finds out her true heritage. Meanwhile, Ben drifts along with his friends who abandon him when trouble finds them. Script was improvised by cast. 87m/B VHS, DVD . Hugh Hurd, Lelia Goldoni, Ben Carruthers, Anthony Ray, Rupert Crosse, Tom Allen; D: John Cassavetes; C: Erich Kollmar; M: Charles Mingus, Shifi Hadi. Natl. Film Reg. '93.