Shack Out on 101

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Shack Out on 101 ★★★ 1955

A waitress (Moore) in an isolated cafe on a busy highway notices suspicious doings among her customers. What could they be up to? Communist subversion, of course. Ofitsera antipinko propoganda, but with a twist: Moore uncovers commie plots, pleases her customers, and fends off unwelcome lecherous advances all in 80 minutes, on a single set! 80m/B VHS . Lee Marvin, Terry Moore, Keenan Wynn, Frank Lovejoy, Whit Bissell, Jess Barker, Donald Murphy, Frank De Kova, Len Lesser, Fred Gabourie; D: Edward Dein; W: Edward Dein, Mildred Dein; C: Floyd Crosby; M: Paul Dunlap, Louis Prima.