Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash

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Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash ★★½ 1993 (PG-13)

Sarah (Williams) is a high-priced hooker whose life savings ($20 million in stocks and bonds) have just been stolen. She hires an excon (Denison) to help recover the money and the two partners find themselves on the wrong side of some Mob trouble as well. Enough twists to keep a viewer interested as well as the prerequisite amount of shootings and chase scenes. 86m/C VHS . Jo-Beth Williams, Anthony John (Tony) Denison, Joel Swetow, Henry Brown, Bradford English, Robert Forster, Eric Pierpoint, Richard Sarafian, Tobin Bell; D: Harry S. Longstreet; W: Harry S. Longstreet; C: Rob Draper; M: John Keane.