Sex is Comedy

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Sex is Comedy ★★ 2002

Breillat's plot is a fictionalized recreation of her own difficulties filming the crucial sex scene between a 15-year-old girl (Mesquida, reprising her role) and her older boyfriend (Colin) for her 2001 film “Fat Girl.” Breillat's standin as director is the neurotic and demanding Jeanne (Parillaud), whose troubles include lousy weather, leads who can't stand each other, and a problematic prosthetic penis. Jeanne irritates her actors and crew (and they her) and only finds a sympathetic ally in her smitten assistant Leo (Wanninger). Actors are always quick to say that filming sex scenes is not erotic and here's the proof. French with subtitles. 92m/C DVD . Anne Parillaud, Ashley Wanninger, Dominique Colladant; D: Catherine Breillat; W: Catherine Breillat; C: Laurent Machuel.