Seducing Doctor Lewis

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Seducing Doctor Lewis ★★½ La Grande Seduction 2003

Dying Quebec fish ing village must find a resident doctor if it is to attract new factory owners. The vil lagers find a possible pigeon in a young Montreal plastic surgeon (Boutin) who comes for a visit. They pretend to love ev erything he does, from playing cricket rather than their favored hockey to throw ing a beef stroganoff festival because it's his favorite food. Very lightweight but en joyable comedy in the style of “Waking Ned Devine.” 110m/C VHS, DVD . CA David Boutin, Lucie Laurier, Benoit Briere, Bruno Blanchet, Raymond Bouchard, Bruno Blanchet, Pierre Collin, Rita Lafontaine; D: Jean-Francois Pouliot; M: Jean-Marie Benoit.