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SEDUVA (or Sheduva ; Pol. Szadów ; Rus. Shadov ), city in N. central Lithuania. The Jewish community in Seduva dates from the 15th century. Seduva was the birthplace of R. Moses of *Kiev. In 1766 there were 508 Jews who paid the poll tax, and in 1897 the Jewish population numbered 2,695 (61% of the total population). During World War i Jews were deported to the interior of Russia, only some of them returning after the war, and in 1923 only 916 (28% of the total population) remained. Subsequent migration abroad and to the large cities reduced the number of Jews even further; in 1939 there were only 200 Jewish families in Seduva. Shortly after the German invasion the community was completely destroyed. The Russian-Jewish historian Pesaḥ (Piotr) *Marek was born in Seduva.


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[Yehuda Slutsky]