Sea Wife

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Sea Wife ★★½ Sea Wyf and Biscuit 1957

Using nicknames and a newspaper's personal column to correspond, Sea Wife, Bulldog, and Biscuit are apparently rehashing a crime committed against a fourth person that's still haunting them. A flashback reveals three men and a woman in a lifeboat after their ship has been torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. Only three ultimately survive their ordeal. Collins plays a nun of all things, although she keeps her calling a secret from the others. Rather drab adaptation of J.M. Scott's adventure/thriller “Sea-Wyf.” 82m/C VHS . GB Richard Burton, Joan Collins, Basil Sydney, Ronald Squire, Cy Grant, Joan Hickson, Lloyd Lamble, Eileen Way; D: Bob McNaught; W: George K. Burke; C: Edward Scaife; M: Kenneth V. Jones, Leonard Salzedo.