Scruton, Roger

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SCRUTON, Roger. British, b. 1944. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Architecture, Philosophy, Politics/Government. Career: Professor of Aesthetics, Birkbeck College, University of London, 1985-93 (Lecturer, subsequently Reader in Philosophy, 1971-85); Professor of Philosophy and University Professor, Boston, 1992-94. Fellow, Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1969-71. Publications: (co-author) Morality and Moral Reasoning 1971; Art and Imagination, 1974; The Aesthetics of Architecture, 1979; The Meaning of Conservatism, 1980; A Short History of Modern Philosophy, 1981; Fortnight's Anger, 1981; The Politics of Culture, 1981; Kant, 1982; A Dictionary of Political Thought, 1982; The Aesthetic Understanding, 1983; Thinkers of the New Left, 1985; Sexual Desire, 1986; Spinoza, 1986; A Land Held Hostage, 1987; Untimely Tracts, 1987; The Philosopher on Dover Beach, 1990; Francesca, 1991; A Dove Descending and Other Stories, 1991; Xanthippic Dialogues, 1993; Modern Philosophy, 1994; The Classical Vernacular, 1994; Animal Rights and Wrongs, 1996; An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy, 1996; The Aesthetics of Music, 1997; On Hunting, 1998; An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Culture, 1998; (trans.) Perictione in Colophon, 2000; England: An Elegy, 2001; The West and the Rest, 2002.