Schultze Gets the Blues

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Schultze Gets the Blues ★★½ 2003 (PG)

Bittersweet, sentimental comedy finds hefty bachelor salt miner Schultze (Krause) pushed into early retirement and wondering what he's going to do besides play the accordion at his local polka club. One night, Schultze's world changes when he happens to catch a zydeco song on the radio. Amazed at how different an accordion can sound, he sets his familiar polkas to a zydeco beat. Schulze's friends are equally amazed and decide to take up a collection and send him to compete in a music festival in their sister city of Moulton, Texas. Adventure is just the liberating journey that shy Schultze needs. German with subtitles. 114m/C DVD . Horst Krause, Harald Warmbrunn, Karl-Fred Muller, Hannelore Schubert, Wolfgang Boos, Rosemarie Deibel, Wilhelmine Horschig, Anne V. Angelle, Ursula Schucht, Alozia St. Julien; D: Michael Schorr; W: Michael Schorr; C: Axel Schneppat; M: Thomas Wittenbecher.

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Schultze Gets the Blues

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