Run Lola Run

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Run Lola Run ★★★½ Lola Rennt 1998 (R)

Berlin punkette Lola (Potente) receives a frantic phone call from her smalltime criminal boyfriend Manni (Bleibtreu). He's lost a bag of money he was delivering to his boss and has only 20 minutes to make good or he's history. Lola then sprints off in a manic attempt to find the money needed to save her man. The plot comes roaring to a halt, and is then repeated with different outcomes based on small changes in Lola's path, with different styles to match. Writer/director Tom Tykwer's energetic style helps push this creative and technically brilliant thriller across the winner's line. German with subtitles. 81m/C VHS, DVD . GE Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Joachim Krol, Herbert Knaup, Armin Rohde;D: Tom Tykwer; W: Tom Tykwer; C: Frank Griebe; M: Tom Tykwer. Ind. Spirit '00: Foreign Film.