Rowley, Charles K(ershaw)

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ROWLEY, Charles K(ershaw)

ROWLEY, Charles K(ershaw). British, b. 1939. Genres: Economics. Career: University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England, lecturer in industrial economics, 1962-65; University of Kent at Canterbury, Canterbury, England, lecturer, 1965-69, senior lecturer in economics, 1969-70; University of York, Heslington, England, reader in economic and social statistics, 1970- 72; University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, David Dale Professor of Economics and head of department, 1972-83, director of Centre for Research in Public and Industrial Economics, 1974-83, dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, 1978-81 and 1983; George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, professor of economics, 1984-, dean of Graduate School and director of university research, 1986-88, director of graduate studies in economics, 1991-93, editorial and program director at Center for the Study of Public Choice, 1984-86, associate editorial director at Center, 1986-87, research associate at Center, 1984-86, senior research associate at Center, 1987-. Columbia University, research associate, 1967; University of York, Social Science Research Council senior research fellow, 1968-69; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, research associate at Public Choice Center, 1974 and 1979; Emory University, visiting fellow at Legal Institute for Economists, 1982; Oxford University, Wolfson College, visiting research fellow at Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, 1984-86; Locke Institute, general director, 1989-. Publications: The British Monopolies Commission, 1966; Steel and Public Policy, 1971; Antitrust and Economic Efficiency, 1973; (with A. T. Peacock) Welfare Economics: A Liberal Restatement, 1975; (with G.K. Yarrow) The Evolution of Concentration in the United Kingdom Cement Industry, 1978; (with B. Beavis and M. Walker) A Study of Effluent Discharges in the River Tees, 1979; Frihet, Rattvisa, Effektivitet, 1979; (with C. Mulley, M. Walker, and J. Whittaker) The Use of Roll- On/Roll-Off Vessels for Moving Freight via Coastal Waters within the United Kingdom, 1982; (with C. Mulley and J. Whittaker) The Use of Roll-On/ Roll-Off Vessels for Moving Freight Between the Ports of Tees and Harwich, 1983; (with C. Mulley and J. Whittaker) The Use of RollOn/Roll-Off Vessels for Moving Freight Between the Ports of Tees and London, 1983; (with A.I. Ogus) Prepayments and Insolvency, 1984; The Right to Justice: The Political Economy of Legal Services in the United States 1992; Liberty and the State, 1993; (with W. Thorbeclu and R. Wagner) Trade Protection in the United States: The Political Economy of the Minimal State, 1996. EDITOR & AUTHOR OF INTRO.: Public Choice Theory, Vol. I: Homo Economicus in the Political Marketplace, Vol. II: The Characteristics of Political Equilibrium, Vol. III: The Separation of Powers and Constitutional Political Economy, 1993; Social Choice Theory, Vol. I: The Aggregation of Preferences, Vol. II: Utilitarian and Contractarian Goals, Vol. III: Social Justice and Classical Liberal Goals, 1993. EDITOR & CONTRIBUTOR: Readings in Industrial Economics, Vol. I: Theoretical Foundations, Vol. II: Private Enterprise and State Intervention, 1972; (with J.M. Buchanan and R.D. Tollison) Deficits, 1987; Democracy and Public Choice: Essays in Honor of G. Tullock, 1987; (with Robert D. Tollison and G.Tullock) The Political Economy of Rent Seeking, 1988; Property Rights and the Limits of Democracy, 1993; (with F. Schneider and R.D. Tollison) The Next Twenty Years of Public Choice, 1993. Work represented in anthologies. Contributor of articles and reviews to economic journals. Address: Locke Institute, 4084 University Dr., Suite 103, Fairfax, VA 22030, U.S.A.