Rocky 3

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Rocky 3 ★★½ 1982 (PG)

Rocky is beaten by big, mean Clubber Lang (played to a tee by Mr. T). He realizes success has made him soft, and has to dig deep to find the motivation to stay on top. Amazingly, Stallone regains his underdog persona here, looking puny next to Mr. T, who is the best thing about the second-best “Rocky” flick. 103m/C VHS, DVD . Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith, Carl Weathers, Mr. T, Leif Erickson, Burt Young; D: Sylvester Stallone; W: Sylvester Stallone; C: Bill Butler; M: Bill Conti.

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Rocky 3

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