Ratcliffe, Eric Hallam

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RATCLIFFE, Eric Hallam

RATCLIFFE, Eric Hallam. British, b. 1918. Genres: Science fiction/ Fantasy, Poetry, History, Biography, Essays, Reference. Career: Ore Magazine, founder and editor, 1954-95. Publications: The Visitation, 1952; Little Pagan, 1955; The Ragnarok Rocket Bomb, 1957; Transitions, 1957; The Chronicle of the Green Man, 1960; Mist on My Eyes, 1961; Gleanings for a Daughter of Aeolus, 1968; Out of the Thickets (essays), 1969; Leo Poems, 1972; Warrior of the Icenian Queen, 1973; Romantic Acausalism (essays), 1974; Commius of the Atrebates: The Man and the Memory, 1975; Commius, 1975; A Sun-Red Mantle, 1976; Nightguard of the Quaternary, 1979; The Great Arthurian Timeslip (history), 1978; (with V. Kembery) Sheila Ann Ratcliffe 1969-1983: A Biographical Memoir, 1984; Ballet Class, 1986; The French King, 1989; Leo Mysticus, 1989; The Infidelium, 1990; The Runner of the Seven Valleys, 1990; Hill 60, 1991; Scientary, 1991; The Ballad of Polly McPoo, 1991; Components of the Nation, 1992; Ghosts of the Quaternary, 1992; Advent, 1992; Kingdoms, 1992; Ark, 1992; The Golden Heart Man, 1993; Fire in the Bush (collected poems 1955-1992), 1993; The Caxton of Her Age, 1993; William Ernest Henley: An Introduction, 1993; The Man in Green Combs, 1993; Winstanley's Walton 1694, 1994; Anthropos, 1995; Ratcliffe's Megathesaurus: A Terminological Miscellany, 1995; Sholen: Memories of a Life by Hadrian's Wall, 1996; The Millennium of the Magician, 1996; The Brussels Griffon, 1996; Strange Furlongs, 1996; Wellington: A Broad Front, 1998; Capabilities of the Alchemical Mind, 1999; Cosmologia, 2000; Loyal Women, 2000; On Baker's Level (science fiction poetry), 2002; The Divine Peter, 2002; No Jam in the Arsenal, 2003; Selected Long Poems, 2003; Desert Voices: A Tribute to Aru'l-ala the Syrian Poet, 2003. Address: 7 The Towers, Southgate, Stevenage, Herts. SG1 1HE, England. Online address: [email protected]

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Ratcliffe, Eric Hallam

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