Rambling Rose

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Rambling Rose ★★★ 1991 (R)

Dern is Rose, a freespirited, sexually liberated before her time young woman taken in by a Southern family in 1935. Rose immediately has an impact on the male members of the clan, father Duvall and son Haas, thanks to her insuppressible sexuality. This causes consternation with the straitlaced patriarch, who attempts to control his desire for the girl. Eventually Rose decides she must try to stick to one man, but this only causes further problems. Dern gives her best performance yet in this excellent period piece, and solid support is offered from the rest of the cast, in particular Duvall and Dern's reallife mother Ladd. 115m/C VHS, DVD . Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Robert Duvall, Lukas Haas, John Heard, Kevin Conway, Robert John Burke, Lisa Jakub, Evan Lockwood; D: Martha Coolidge; W: Calder Willingham; C: Johnny E. Jensen; M: Elmer Bernstein. Ind. Spirit '92: Director (Coolidge), Film, Support. Actress (Ladd).