Queen of Outer Space

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Queen of Outer Space Woof! 1958

Notorious malechauvinist scifi cheapie starts out slow, but then the laughs keep coming as the cast plays the hyperdumb material straight. Space cadets crash on Venus, find it ruled by women—and the dolls have wicked plans in store for mankind. Don't be surprised if you've seen the sets before since they were borrowed from “Forbidden Planet,” “World Without End,” and “Flight to Mars.” 80m/C VHS, DVD . Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eric Fleming, Laurie Mitchell, Paul Birch, Barbara Darrow, Dave Willcock, Lisa Davis, Patrick Waltz, Marilyn Buferd, Marjorie Durant, Lynn Cartwright, Gerry Gaylor; D: Edward L. Bernds; W: Charles Beaumont; C: William F. Whitley; M: Marlin Skiles.