Pure Country

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Pure Country ★★½ 1992 (PG)

An easygoing movie about a familiar subject is held together by the charm of Strait (in his movie debut) and the rest of the cast. Strait plays a country music superstar, tired of the career glitz, who decides to get out and go back to his home in Texas. He falls in love with the spunky Glasser and decides to run his career his own way. Warren is effective as his tough manager and oldtime cowboy Calhoun is finely weathered as Glasser's gruff dad. 113m/C VHS, DVD . George Strait, Isabel Glasser, Lesley Ann Warren, Rory Calhoun, Kyle Chandler, John Doe, Molly McClure; D: Christopher Cain; W: Rex McGee; C: Rick Bota; M: Steve Dorff.