Prior, Natalie Jane

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PRIOR, Natalie Jane

PRIOR, Natalie Jane. Australian, b. 1963. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction. Career: Writer. Has also worked as a librarian. Publications: The Amazing Adventures of Amabel, 1990; Amabel Abroad-More Amazing Adventures, 1992; The Paw, 1993; Bog Bodies, Mummies & Curious Corpses, 1994; Mysterious Ruins, Lost Cities & Buried Treasure, 1994; Dance Crazy: Star Turns from Ballet to Belly Dancing, 1995; Yesterday's Heroes, 1995; Tasha's Witch, 1995; The Paw in Destination Brazil, 1995; The Demidenko Diary, 1996; Caves, Graves and Catacombs: Secrets from Beneath the Earth, 1996; West End Shuffle, 1996; London Calling, 1997; The Loft, 1997; The Paw in the Purple Diamond, 1998; Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt, 1998; Nero: Evil Emperor of Rome, 1998; Lily Quench & the Dragon of Ashby, 1999; Lily Quench & the Black Mountains, 2001; Fireworks & Darkness, 2002. Address: Margaret Connolly & Associates, PO Box 945, Wahnoona, NSW 2076, Australia.