Please Not Now!

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Please Not Now! ★★ Only for Love; La Bride sur le Cou 1961

Parisian model Bardot discovers her boyfriend Riberolles is cheating on her and she decides to shoot him. He's warned by Subor, who wants Bardot for himself, and takes off with new gal pal James, but Bardot and Subor are in pursuit. Then Bardot and James commiserate over the fact that men are scum and decide to team up against their lovers. French with subtitles. 74m/B VHS, DVD . FR IT Brigitte Bardot, Josephine James, Michel Subor, Jacques Riberolles, Mireille Darc, Serge Marquand, Claude Brasseur, Jean Tissier, Bernard Fresson, Claude Berri; D: Roger Vadim, J(ack) D(unn) Trop; W: Roger Vadim, Claude Brule, J(ack) D(unn) Trop; C: Robert Lefebvre; M: James Campbell.