A Place in the World

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A Place in the World ★★★ 1992

Returning from exile to their native Argentina during a military dictatorship, Mario and Ana (Luppi and Roth) work to help the less advantaged in their society, determined to make a difference. Story is seen as a flashback from point-of-view of the couples' son Ernesto (Batyi). Well-crafted, finely acted piece exploring political, social, and interpersonal themes. 1993 Oscar bid retracted due to controversy over country of film's origin. 120m/C VHS . AR Jose Sacristan, Federico Luppi, Cecilia (Celia) Roth, Leonor Benedetto, Gaston Batyi, Lorena Del Rio; D: Adolfo Aristarain; W: Alberto Lecchi, Adolfo Aristarain; C: Ricardo De Angelis; M: Emilio Kauderer.

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A Place in the World

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