A Perfect Spy

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A Perfect Spy ★★½ John LeCarre's A Perfect Spy 1988

In this BBC miniseries, John Le Carre takes a break from the world of George Smiley to take a look at spying from a personal view. Magnus Pym (Evan) would seem to be the perfect English gentleman; having gone to the right schools he proceeds to join the covert world of espionage. But Magnus hides the secret that his estranged father is a con man par excellence and it leads him to his own betrayals. Adapted from the novel, which Le Carre is said to have drawn from his own past. On three cassettes. 360m/C VHS, DVD . GB Peter Egan, Ray McAnally, Frances Tomelty, Benedict Taylor, Tim Healy; W: Arthur Hopcraft.

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A Perfect Spy

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