A Painted House

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A Painted House ★★ 2003

Loose adaptation of the John Grisham novel finds 10-year-old Luke Chandler (Lerman) living on a struggling Arkansas farm in 1952 with his parents and grandparents. The family needs to hire local “hill” people and Mexican migrant workers to pick their cotton crop and there's trouble between the groups as well as with Luke and his family. Title refers to the fact that the Chandler's bare clapboard farmhouse gets mysteriously painted (they can't afford to do it themselves). 110m/C DVD . Scott Glenn, Melinda Dillon, Robert Sean Leonard, Logan Lerman, Geoffrey Lewis, Arija Bareikis, Pablo Schreiber, Luis Esteban Garcia, Luke Eberl, Diane Delano, Audrey Marie Anderson; D: Alfonso Arau; W: Patrick Sheane Duncan; C: Xavier Perez Grobet; M: Ruy Folguera. TV

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A Painted House

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